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Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lantern Fly 4

Spotted Lantern Fly nest
Spotted lanternfly egg mass new (L) & old (R). Photo courtesy of Lancaster Co. office of the Penn State Extension
Spotted Lantern Fly 2
Spotted lanternfly first instar nymph (immature). Photo courtesy of Gregory Hoover
Spotted Lantern Fly 3
Late-stage Spotted Lanternfly nymph. Photo courtesy of Ekkehard Wachmann.
Spotted Lantern Fly
Spotted lanternfly adult at rest. Photo courtesy of Lawrence Barringer, PA Dept. of Agriculture,

What to do:
If you see egg masses, scrape them off, double bag and throw away.
You can also place the eggs into alcohol, bleach or hand sanitizer to kill them.

Collect a specimen:
Specimens of any life stage can be turned in to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s lab for verification.

Take a picture:
With your GPS function turned on your smartphone or a camera with GPS, take a photograph of ANY life stage (including egg masses). Submit picture to:

Report a site:
If you can’t take a specimen or photograph, call and leave a message detailing the sighting location/address and your contact information.

NJ Spotted Lanternfly Hotline at 1-833-223-2840 (BADBUG0)

For more information please visit
NJ Department of Agriculture

Spotted Lanternfly Information Flyers

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