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Maple Shade Township | 200 Stiles Avenue, Maple Shade, NJ 08052 | Phone: 856-779-9610 | Fax : 856-779-2524 | Contact Us


Frequently Asked Questions

Code Enforcement

You can call the Code Enforcement Officer at (856) 779-9610 ext. 171 or email at [email protected]

Please Note: This position is part-time and emailing or calling ahead of time is highly suggested.

Solid waste shall be placed, by the property owner, at the curb of the premise no earlier than than 6:00PM on the day before the day of collection. Please DO NOT place Containers of solid waste in the street. Placement of trash containers in the street prevents the street sweeper from effectively cleaning the street from curb to curb.

Also, in the event of a heavy rain storm, trash containers in the street inhibit the flow of water to the storm sewer catch basins resulting in flooding. Small amounts of construction debris can be taken to the township garage at 620 Cutler Avenue. For large amounts of construction debris, residents should use a dumpster. Wood will be taken by the trash company if bundled. Each bundle shall be securely tied and not exceed three feet in length and two feet in diameter nor weigh more than 50 pounds. Bundled wood should be placed at the curb on trash pick-up day. DO NOT place loose wood in a container.
The placing, abandonment, leaving, parking, storing or maintaining of any uninspected, unregistered, unlicensed, disabled, dismantled or inoperable motor vehicle, boat, camper, machinery or mechanical equipment out of doors or on any private or public lands in the Township of Maple Shade is prohibited. Also, the parking of vehicles on any front, side, or rear yards/lawns that abut a street or road of the Township of Maple Shade is also prohibited.
No person shall keep or harbor any dog within the Township of Maple Shade, in the County of Burlington, without first obtaining a license, to be issued by the tax collector of the Township upon application by the owner and payment of a prescribed fee, and no person shall keep or harbor any dog in said township except in compliance with the provisions of this article. For additional information see Maple Shade Municipal Code SECTION 63.
No person shall keep or harbor more than four over the age of six months within the Township of Maple Shade, in the County of Burlington, on any premise or lot, with the exception of kennels, pet shops, pounds or shelters as defined in the applicable law.
Construction or repair permitted times. The carrying out of excavation, demolition, construction, repair or alteration work, by commercial contractors, other than between the hours of 7:00AM and 8:00PM weekdays and Saturdays, between April 15 and October 15 and from October 16 to April 14, between the hours of 8:00AM and 8:00PM weekdays and Saturdays. The carrying-on of construction, repair or alteration work by homeowner on his/her own dwelling or property, other than between the hours of 8:00AM and 8:00PM, Monday through Saturday, and other than between 10:00AM and 6:00PM on Sunday. In the case of urgent necessity or on the interest of public health or safety, the Township Manager may grant a waiver for excavation, demolition, construction, repair or alternation work for a period not to exceed three days, which may be renewed for additional periods of three days, while the emergency continues.
Signs advertising garage and yard sales shall not exceed one square foot in area. Such signs are allowed one week prior to the event advertised and must be removed the day following the event.

Planning & Zoning

Application forms & zoning information can be viewed or downloaded from the Planning and Zoning webpage Mapleshade Departments Planning Zoning

Yes. Please submit a survey showing where your fence will be placed, how high and what type of fence you are proposing or replacing. Please See Municipal Code, Zoning 205, Article XI Fences.
Yes. A Zoning permit and construction permit/s are needed.

All sheds and garages require Zoning Permits. Any shed to be constructed over 10’ x 20’ (200-sq ft.) also needs approval from the construction office.

Yes. If you are doing any work beyond your property line into the municipal right-of-way (ROW) you need to obtain a Street Excavation (Road Opening Permit) permit. If the property is on a County Route or State Highway those agencies should be contacted for approval.

Ordinance 175-12 No person, company, firm or corporation shall remove, dig into, disturb, excavate or take up, or cause or permit to be removed, disturbed, excavated or dug up, the surface of any street, sidewalk or other public place or any pavement therein which is under the control of the Township of Maple Shade without first having obtained and being in possession of a valid written permit to do so.
Yes. A business license is required prior to operating any type of business from your home, depending on the type of business an approval may also be needed from the Planning or Zoning Board. See Ordinance 205-10.D.

Maple Shade Township does not require a C.O. inspection for sale of home or rentals. Only inspection needed is by the fire department. Contact 609-960-5273  to request inspection for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide and sump pumps (which must not be connected to the sanitary sewer).
MapleShade Departments Fire Official Home Inspections

Alarm systems, both residential and commercial, are required to be registered with the Maple Shade Police Department (MSPD) at the beginning of every year. Alarm ordinance It is the responsibility of the applicant to renew each year with the MSPD. The alarm registration form and emergency contact information form can be downloaded at Maple Shade Forms.

Maple Shade Police Department: (856) 234-8300
Please see below for a notice with additional information on multi-family structures.
Notice-re Multi Family Structures
205-71.D. Any nonconforming building, structure or use that has been condemned or damaged by fire, explosion, flood, windstorm or Act of God shall be examined by the Construction Official. If, in the opinion of the Construction Official, the cost of repair is greater than 60% of the value of replacing the entire structure, it shall be considered completely destroyed and may be rebuilt to the original specifications only upon approval of a variance. If the cost of repair is less than 60% of the value of replacing the entire structure, it may be rebuilt and used for the same purpose as before, provided that it is rebuilt within one year and does not exceed the height, area and volume of the original structure. The percent damaged shall be the current replacement costs of the portion damaged or condemned, computed as a percentage of the current total replacement cost of the entire structure, neither to include the cost of the foundation unless the foundation is involved in the repair.

Animal Control

Maple Shade Township has a service agreement with NJ Animal Control (NJAC). You can call them at 609-685-3384 or direct any animal control questions to [email protected]

  • Pick-up a roaming dog or cat from public or private property
  • Remove a deceased domestic animal from public or private property
  • Assist with the investigation of animal cruelty complaints
  • Issue summonses and testify in court for alleged violations of Maple Shade ordinances involving animals
  • Transport birds or domestic animals for the testing of West Nile Virus and Rabies
  • Transport quarantined dogs and cats involving bites
  • Deliver all animals picked-up to the Burlington County Animal Shelter
You can contact Animal Control Services (see above for contact information). An Animal Control Officer will evaluate each individual call. If the animal control officer cannot assist with a specific wildlife situation, they will provide the resident with other information and/or options to assist their needs.

NJAC regular hours of service are from 8:30AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.

Please contact Karen McShane in the Township Manager’s office to report a deer carcass on a road in Maple Shade Township. You can reach Karen at 856-779-9610 ext. 113 or [email protected]. Please note that regular office hours are from 8:30AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday.

Human Resources

Click HERE to access the employment application.

Completed applications can be mailed to:

Township of Maple Shade
200 Stiles Avenue
Maple Shade, NJ 08052
Attn: Human Resources.

Your application will remain on file.
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