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Business & Economic Development

Business & Economic Development

Jennifer Nixon, Director of Business and Economic Development

Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 4:30PM



2024 MEETING DATES: (3rd Tuesday of every other month)
January 16 – 6:30PM in the Senior Center *cancelled due to inclement weather
March 19 – 6:30PM in the Senior Center
May 21 – 6:30PM in the Senior Center
July 16 – 6:30PM in the Senior Center
September 17 – 6:30PM in the Senior Center
November 18 – 6:30PM in the Senior Center *change of meeting date

Welcome to the Business and Economic Development Department of the Township of Maple Shade!

Our department is dedicated to fostering growth, prosperity, and community well-being within our charming township. At the heart of our efforts lies a commitment to promoting economic development that uplifts the lives of our residents and enhances the vibrancy of Maple Shade.

Central to our approach is the close collaboration we will maintain with the newly appointed Business and Economic Development Commission (BEDC). This dynamic commission is comprised of individuals from diverse walks of life, representing a wide spectrum of ages, professional backgrounds, and experiences. What unites us is a shared vision: the advancement and enrichment of Maple Shade.

Our Purpose:

At the Business and Economic Development Department, our purpose is crystal clear — we exist to drive the sustainable growth of Maple Shade's economy while preserving its unique character and fostering a sense of community. We understand that economic vitality and community well-being go hand in hand, and our initiatives are strategically designed to achieve this balance.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Business Advancement: We actively support the establishment and growth of businesses in Maple Shade. Through targeted strategies, resources, and collaborations, we empower both budding entrepreneurs and established enterprises to thrive in our township.
  2. Job Creation: A robust economy is built on a foundation of strong employment opportunities. We work tirelessly to attract new businesses and industries that provide quality jobs for our residents, contributing to their financial stability and overall quality of life.
  3. Infrastructure Enhancement: We recognize the importance of well-maintained infrastructure for a flourishing business environment. Our department advocates for infrastructure improvements that facilitate commerce, while also paying heed to the aesthetic appeal of Maple Shade.
  4. Community Engagement: Our efforts are deeply rooted in community engagement. We believe that economic development is most effective when it is aligned with the aspirations and needs of our residents. Through dialogue, events, and programs, we ensure that our community has a voice in shaping the township's economic landscape.
  5. Strategic Planning: With the diverse expertise of the Business and Economic Development Commission, we engage in comprehensive strategic planning. This involves analyzing market trends, identifying growth opportunities, and devising roadmaps that guide our township towards a prosperous future.

Our Collaborative Approach:

The strength of our department lies in collaboration — not just internally, but also with the broader Maple Shade community. We actively seek input from residents, businesses, and stakeholders to ensure that our initiatives are well-rounded and effective. The BEDC, with its diverse membership, plays a pivotal role in infusing fresh perspectives into our strategies.

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of economics and community development, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the betterment of Maple Shade. By fostering a thriving economy that respects our township's heritage and values, we aim to create a Maple Shade that is not just economically prosperous, but also a wonderful place to call home.

BEDC Agendas and Minutes

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