Maple Shade Township | 200 Stiles Avenue, Maple Shade, NJ 08052 | Phone: 856-779-9610 | Fax : 856-779-2524 | Contact Us

Maple Shade Township | 200 Stiles Avenue, Maple Shade, NJ 08052 | Phone: 856-779-9610 | Fax : 856-779-2524 | Contact Us

Clerk's Office

Township Clerk/Registrar

Andrea T. McVeigh, Township Clerk/Registrar

Gayle Gillan, Deputy Clerk/Registrar

Office Location

Municipal Building
200 Stiles Ave.
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Office Hours

Monday -Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm.
E-mail [email protected] for an appointment to apply for a marriage license


Contact Information

Phone: 856-779-9610, Ext. 166

Fax: 856-779-2524

The Township Clerk Acts as Secretary to the Town Council

Draft agendas are always subject to change and will be posted no later than 12 noon the day of the meeting.

Minutes will be posted upon receiving approval from Township Council.

Request for agenda discussion items must be given to the Secretary of the Governing Body in writing no later than 4:00 p.m. the Tuesday before the requested meeting.

During the Public Portion(s) of the meeting, members of the public are given an opportunity to comment on agenda or other Township related matters not on the agenda.

Copy Of Marriage License / Death Certificate

The Maple Shade Registrar of Vital Statistics’ Office is responsible for maintaining original vital records concerning births, marriages, civil unions, domestic partnerships and deaths that occur in Maple Shade.

If you are in need a copy of a vital record (marriage license or death certificate) for yourself or an immediate family member, you should take special notice that the municipality where the action (the birth, marriage, union, partnership or death) took place, is the municipality that holds the original record and is the only Registrar, besides the State Registrar, that can issue a copy for your needs.

Please click HERE to obtain the application for a RAISED SEAL, CERTIFIED COPY of a vital record maintained by Maple Shade Township. Be sure to read and complete the request form in full; otherwise the issuance process will be delayed.

The fee for a certified copy from the local registrar is $10.00 for one and $5.00 for any additional copies.

Please include following items with your application:

Mail completed application and additional items to: (see list above)

Township Clerk
Township of Maple Shade
200 Stiles Avenue
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Please allow five to seven days turnaround time.

If you do not know where the action took place, you can make application to the State of New Jersey, who maintains original records for all municipalities in New Jersey. Click on the following link for information on obtaining a record through the New Jersey State Department of Vital Statistics

Useful Links & Forms

Township Clerk

Important Information:

Use the “NJ Voter Information Portal” link above to register to vote and access additional voter information.


Township Ordinances Archive

Township Resolutions Archive


Township Ordinances Archive

Township Resolutions Archive

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